Hubble Takes Photo of the Southern Crab Nebula

Celebrating its 29th year in space today (April 18), the Hubble Space Telescope was at the forefront of many of the space explorations in history. Hubble, who did not remain empty-handed this year, took a photo of the Southern Crab Nebula.

The Southern Crab Nebula, which resembles an hourglass in appearance, is an element revealed by the binary star system. Hubble, who takes such images every year on his anniversary, helped us know more about nebulae with this image, albeit for celebration.


The Southern Crab Nebula, imaged, was first noticed in 1967. Thanks to Hubble, we can see exactly what the nebula, which was thought to be an ordinary star until 1989, looks like. You can view the Southern Crab Nebula in the video below.

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