Hybrid workers are the new target of cyber attackers

The security needs of multi-branch or remote businesses are changing. Experts recommend the next generation SASE architecture to organizations that want to close security vulnerabilities and manage data from a single center.

Work environments are evolving into a dynamic combination of both office and remote workers, with most enterprise applications in the cloud. There are some difficulties brought by this environment. We can summarize these as providing remote access security, establishing and managing multi-branch networks, and establishing a consistent branch security policy. Berqnet General Manager Hakan Hintoğlu says that with the increase in these needs, the technology architecture called “Secure Access Service Edge” has come to the fore. With its English abbreviation, SASE refers to the provision of network and security solutions in a cloud environment with a single service model. It emphasizes that it paves the way for performance, that security policies are applied consistently regardless of where users are, and offers a flexible cost structure.

Cyber ​​attacks increased during the pandemic

The digital transformation, which has accelerated with the pandemic, also mobilizes cyber attackers. In addition to multi-branch companies, businesses that adopt hybrid or remote working models prefer new generation technology solutions in the field of cyber security. According to the researches, the majority of IT managers say that the risk of cyber attacks increases as they switch to the remote working model. Hintoğlu explains the reasons for the increasing interest in the SASE concept with the following words: “In SASE architecture, security services are offered over the cloud with a single service model. In addition to being managed from a single place, it can be flexibly scaled due to its cloud architecture and the hardware requirements required in branches are reduced. Thanks to the SD-WAN feature, internet lines can be optimized in the most efficient way. Within the framework of the Zero Trust concept, before granting access to a device, high-level precautions can be taken against infiltrations that may occur as a result of identity theft by using both static and behavioral authentication methods. As Berqnet, we help our customers save financial and human resources and increase their security measures by combining our cyber security solutions with the SASE concept.”

SASE market will grow by 26.4% by 2026

Stating that companies are trying to take cyber security measures more efficiently in their dispersed structures during the digital transformation process, Hakan Hintoğlu shares the following information: “Research indicates that the SASE market will grow by 26.4% every year until 2026, reaching 4.1 billion dollars. This is because increased cyberattacks are pushing businesses towards security networks with tighter access controls that can be easily monitored and managed from a single point. At this point, we, as Berqnet, provide advantageous solutions for institutions that want to take precautions against cyber-attackers.”

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