Hygiene of drinks will be provided by artificial intelligence

San Francisco-based technology company Pubinno has developed an artificial intelligence-supported patented product called Smart Clean for cleaning beverage lines in businesses against the increasing hygiene concerns with the pandemic. Can Algül said, “Our aim is to help all stakeholders in the beverage ecosystem, which is going through difficult days, to manage their operations more efficiently and hygienically and to offer the perfect taste.”

The coronavirus epidemic, which has been struggling for more than a year, primarily affected the food and beverage industry. As many businesses have to reevaluate their operational strategies, they have turned to smart technologies that enable agility and resilience to tackle challenges such as supply chain disruption, shifting consumer demand and market uncertainty. The increasing need has also mobilized technology companies. San Francisco-based technology company Pubinno, which currently operates in 5 countries, announced that it has launched Smart Clean, an artificial intelligence-supported product that fully automates the cleaning of beverage lines in businesses.

It will be a solution to the hygiene concern for drinks

Pubinno Co-Founder and CEO Can Algül, who conveyed the details of the product whose R&D studies lasted two years, said, “With the pandemic, besides achieving the same quality in every glass for beverage producers, venues and the end consumer, hygiene has also become very important. With the product we developed and named Smart Clean, we provide the cleaning of beverage lines with artificial intelligence and Acquavibra technology, which cleans the walls of the beverage lines 4 times better than the manual method. Thus, beverage lovers can consume the most hygienic products in bars and restaurants. Our aim is to help all stakeholders in the beverage ecosystem, which is going through tough days, to manage their operations more efficiently, hygienically and to offer excellent taste, with our smart solutions and best-in-class service.”

International accreditation and award

Mentioning that the technology they developed attracted great attention in the international arena, Can Algül said, “We were deemed worthy of a design award in the Hospitality, Restaurant and Catering Products category at the A Design Award, the world’s most prestigious design competition held in Milan every year last April. Smart Clean has also been tested and approved by the German beverage institute of the Technical University of Munich.” he said.

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