i9-13900K Available On The Black Market

With the leaks spreading recently, we noticed that engineering sample Raptor Lake CPUs were distributed for testing. We don’t expect 13th Gen Intel processors to be introduced until September/October this year. As always, sales have already started on the black market, even though it’s been months since the new series was released.

Engineering sample chips get refreshed from time to time, and companies get more advanced chips. Some vigilant people put processors that are no longer useful to auction sites. These samples actually need to go back to Intel, but the tech giant often doesn’t want to waste energy collecting ES CPUs.

Core i9 13900K

It has been confirmed that the Core i9-13900K, which goes on sale, works on the ASUS Z690 ROG APEX motherboard. The statement also claims that it works properly and even supports overclocking. The new flagship will work with 8 Raptor Cove performance cores and 16 Gracemont productivity cores.

The seller has taken care of himself by hiding all important information in the ad, such as the CPU SPEC code and QR codes. However, the sample Raptor Lake processor is already sold out. We recently took a look at the early tests of the Core i9-13900 model. The “K” model, which offers overclocking support, is here for the first time.

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