Important Decision Concerning Those Who Will Bring Telephones From Abroad

The smartphone and electronics market is known to be a highly competitive market. In general, people are uncomfortable with the high prices. Therefore, people who turn to different alternatives also evaluate the possibility of bringing a smartphone from abroad.

With the Presidential decision titled “Decision on the Amendment of the Decision on the Implementation of Certain Articles of the Customs Law No. 4458” published in the Official Gazette, changes were made in the delivery times and registration fees of telephones from abroad.


The right to bring a telephone from abroad, which was once every 2 years, has been reduced to 1 in 3 years with the new regulation. It has become more difficult to bring ‘passport registered’ phones to the country, as they say among the people. The fee to be paid to register these phones is 618.60 TL.

Pursuant to the same regulation, the tax to be paid to goods arriving by post and express cargo, as long as their value does not exceed 1500 Euros, has also been determined. A tax of 18% will be applied to cargoes from EU countries, and 20% tax will be applied to cargoes from other countries.

It is necessary to know the IMEI number in order to register the phone coming from abroad and to find it in case the phone is stolen. This number is written on the phone box, but it is possible to see the registered number from the phone. When you type *#06# on the phone’s dialing screen, your phone’s IMEI number will appear.


Passengers must register their phones brought from abroad within 120 days, otherwise their phones will be closed. All devices with IMEI information (such as smartphones, tablets, laptops) must be registered. Individuals have to apply for the registration process through the e-Government portal. Then, the person who pays the tuition fees can complete the registration process. It is possible to register online. People who do not have access to e-government can perform their transactions through Subscriber Registration Centers.

The passport whose IMEI will be registered must not have any device registered in the last two years, and less than 2 months must have passed since the passport holder entered Turkey. If the device registered in the passport is involved in a crime, the passport holder is responsible. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not let others use your passport.

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