In 2023, 17 percent of global B2B revenues will come from e-commerce!

While e-commerce and online shopping took the first place in consumer preferences, intercompany shopping was also caught in the wind of this transformation. Three of the 4 companies were found to search online before making wholesale purchases. Online B2B marketplaces, which bring together manufacturers and suppliers, were among those who steered electronic commerce.

While global shopping trends were shaped by the e-commerce wind, intercompany shopping also got its share from this transformation. Forrester data showed that nearly three-quarters (74%) of companies conduct internet searches before making wholesale purchases. On the other hand, according to the Boston Consulting Group research, three out of 5 companies stated that mobile plays an important role in their current B2B shopping. It is predicted that the share of e-commerce will correspond to 17% of total B2B revenues by 2023. These data revealed that providing B2B customers, who often know what wholesalers need, with a shopping experience like they offer individual consumers, helps them achieve their sales goals.

Pointing out that electronic commerce has an important role in global B2B shopping, Merter Elektronik General Manager Musa Koçyiğit said, “Global electronic commerce in the B2B channel is estimated to exceed 32 billion dollars with a compound annual growth of 6% by the end of this year. The biggest of this market are known as online retail giants such as Alibaba, Amazon, Rakuten. As Merter Elektronik, which has become one of the largest suppliers of the electronics industry in the domestic market, we have become the main supply point of Turkey’s largest marketplaces such as Amazon, Hepsiburada, Trendyol, n11, with the investments we have made by being aware of the digitalization in the industry.”

B2B electronic platform for wholesale customers

Emphasizing that the volume of the electronics industry in global trade can be better understood, considering that consumer electronics corresponds to one fifth (22%) of e-commerce, Musa Koçyiğit said, “Today, electronic products and parts are everywhere in our lives. Consumers’ access to electronic products is moving digitally, corporate customers are purchasing more technology products. This directs sellers to wholesale sourcing platforms where they can access a wide variety of products faster. As Merter Elektronik, with our B2B investments that we have been continuing since 2013, we have created a special B2B electronic business platform for our customers in the wholesale channel at While breaking new ground in the sector with this platform that carries wholesale electronic shopping to digital, we also made B2B sales to countries such as Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Switzerland and Macedonia by offering the best user experience to companies. As Turkey’s largest electronics wholesaler, we supply products to more than 5 thousand companies with our operations that we carry to the global market through channels such as Alibaba and AliExpress.

More than 300 companies grew their business with XML support

Merter Elektronik General Manager Musa Koçyiğit pointed out that thanks to the product databases, they make it easier for sellers to open stores in online marketplaces, and concluded his evaluations with the following statements: “The XML support we offer as Merter Elektronik gives sellers the chance to easily become a dealer by determining their own prices without any hassle. More than 300 companies have grown their businesses thanks to this free facility. We receive an average of 10 applications per day for an XML franchise. From satellite receivers to professional sound systems, from tv spare parts to radios, from module leds to tv led bars, from adapters and batteries to electronic materials, from security systems to consumer electronics, from player equipment to cable types, we offer the most variety in the domestic market in the electronics category. We deliver our product range of more than 20 thousand, 98% of which we import, to more than 30 countries through B2B and B2C channels from our 7 thousand square meter indoor facility. Our work for domestic production continues at full speed.”

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