In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner Developed for LCD Screens

We can say that fingerprint scanners embedded in the screen have become a standard feature for flagships today. Moreover, with the spread of the said technology, we can now see a fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen on some high-end mid-segment smartphones. One of the biggest common features of smartphones with a fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen; slightly more expensive than phones in the same segment. The reason is that the fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen needs an OLED screen.


However, we may soon see smartphones with LCD screens with embedded fingerprint scanners. Fortsense has announced that it has finally succeeded in developing an in-screen fingerprint scanner for LCD screens, as a result of long work. According to the company’s R&D team, a new approach has been developed for LCD backlight panels. This developed approach enabled problems such as screen effect and fingerprint display effect to be solved. The biggest problem in this matter was that OLED screens have light transmittance, while LCD screens do not transmit light due to the light emission rear panel.

Developing an algorithm-based solution for the fingerprint technology embedded in the screen, the company makes use of the deep learning artificial neural network algorithm for the fingerprint scanner to recognize the user and optimize operation. According to the company’s statement, the user recognition rate of the on-screen fingerprint scanner developed for LCD screens is comparable to the fingerprint scanner used for OLED screens. Considering that LCD screens are cheaper than OLED screens, we may soon see a fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen, even on budget phones.

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