In Which Cities GTA 6 Will Pass Partially Announced

In recent weeks, leaks about GTA 6 have increased from good to good. The last leak about Rockstar’s new game came from an unexpected platform. On Glassdoor, a website where former or current employees of any company can anonymously evaluate the company, a Rockstar employee shared a clue about GTA 6 in his review about the company.


As you can see in the image above, the Rockstar employee has prominently created an acrostic in the review article. The acrostic, which started as GTA 6, continues with the abbreviations LS, VC and LC. So what do these abbreviations mean? As previous leaks have said, the cities of Los Santos, Vice City and Liberty City. In a sense, the Rockstar employee confirms that the game will take place in these cities.

Glassdoor requires that when someone wants to make an assessment about a company, they need to prove that they work for that company with at least two concrete documents. Therefore, we can accept that the text on Glassdoor belongs to a real Rockstar employee. However, it is not possible to verify at the moment whether the tips given by the Rockstar employee were correct or were shared for the purpose of creating excitement.

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