Indonesia Announces Zero Tax ‘Digital Nomad Visa’

As our digital world continues to develop, some concepts that we have not met before have entered human life. One of these concepts is to be a tourist who can do his job at any point in the world without being subject to any time and place limitations and at the same time, he is a tourist. were digital nomads.

Digital nomadism, one of the rising trends of today, has also entered the radar of some countries. Countries use digital nomads with some advantages to support both workforce and economic development. began to invite . The last of these countries Indonesiait happened.

5 years without paying any taxes:


Indonesia has announced the world’s longest-stay visa to attract digital nomads. To be given to digital nomads the duration of the visa is five years This will not be the only advantage given. Digital nomads in Indonesia without paying a penny of taxwill get a chance to live.

Digital nomads, who are basically longer-term and more-spending tourists, obtain a visa on the world-famous island of Indonesia. in places like Bali will have the opportunity to live and work remotely. The country administration stated that with the new decision, they aim to transition to a more sustainable tourism model.

Indonesia has not disclosed the application requirements for the digital nomad visa. Digital nomad visa, nowadays among including Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Croatia, Costa Rica and Malta It is supplied by more than twenty countries. in Turkey before Muğla GovernorshipIt has been announced that studies for digital nomad tourism have been started by

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