Insightful reports guide brands’ digital communication

Insights that offer data-based strategies in digital media communication shape the roadmap of brands. Sensekit Project Manager Sibel Kurtuldu said, “We bring a new dimension to digital media analysis with our reports that make sense of the world of data. With the monitoring technology we have developed, we focus on revealing the insight that brands really need and suggesting a strategy, rather than labeling the data as positive/negative and reporting.”

Data-based analysis has a great importance in determining new strategies in digital media communication that competes with seconds. Pointing out the importance of processing the complex world of data by expert analysts and making sense of it with experienced strategists, Sensekit Project Manager Sibel Kurtuldu said, “Collecting data about the brand by following the digital media does not make sense on its own. As Sensekit, we create strategies by extracting insights from the data with the new monitoring technology. We offer brands new roadmaps,” she said.

3rd eye of brands

Stating that they bring functionality to reports that are mostly hanging in mailboxes with insight-based analysis, Sibel Kurtuldu said, “Unfortunately, most social media listening tools only provide superficial information. In addition to the fact that brands cannot see their own and their competitors’ insights in non-functional reports, they cannot go beyond the positive and negative and cannot capture the real meaning of the data presented by social media. With our new technology, as the 3rd eye of brands, we save social media analysis from being idle. With the motto “Sense Makes Data Meaning”, we capture insights from data and turn it into communication strategies through our strategists. We provide consultancy services beyond digital media monitoring by offering action suggestions to brands.”

Prepares brands for possible crises

Stating that the insights mirror the current and future communication efforts of the brands, Sibel Kurtuldu said, “Thanks to the insights, we can see the opportunities that will put the brands ahead of their competitors. We offer instant notifications when there are crises that require quick action. With 10 years of deep experience, we prepare brands for possible crises by making action suggestions from the world of data. We offer the information source that brands need by interpreting the customer experience not only of brands but also of their competitors.”

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