Instagram Brings Horizontal Video Support to IGTV

Instagram, the world’s largest visual content platform, made an important announcement last year and announced IGTV, an independent application for video content producers. IGTV, which is a completely video content-oriented application, made it possible to broadcast videos of much longer duration, unlike Instagram.


With its new statement, Instagram announced that IGTV will now support the horizontal video format. Thus, it will be possible to broadcast video content with a much wider frame, such as YouTube, rather than sharing narrow-angle, limited content on IGTV. This development may also cause many YouTube content producers to switch to Instagram.

Unlike YouTube, the content producers of IGTV cannot earn income from the content they produce, but when IGTV reaches the targeted popularity, the content producers will be able to reach a much wider audience. Thus, Facebook’s advertising platform is likely to be a source of income for content producers.

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