Intel Announces Its New Monster: Core i9-9900KS

With a little kickoff, Intel announced the Special Edition Core i9-9900KS processor at the Computex Kickoff event. We got the most details about the processor at this event. The new 9900KS model comes out with 8 cores and 16 threads. With a base frequency of 4 GHz, the 9900KS can go up to 5 GHz on all cores at Maximum Turbo Frequency. The model offers an additional 300 MHz Turbo frequency and 400 GHz Base frequency over the previous 9900K.


If we examine the box structure, this model does not come with a cooling system, as in the Core i9-9900K.

Processor Features


Intel also said that processors with the 10 nm Ice Lake architecture, released this year, will come with a built-in Gen11 graphics processing unit. In benchmark tests, we can say that Intel took the crown from AMD.

Gen9 vs. Gen11 Performance Comparison


AMD vs Intel Onboard Graphics Performance Comparison


We see that the Gen11 architecture clearly outperforms its competitors, but it is not limited to this. In its presentation, Intel announced that it has made AI (Artificial intelligence) improvements in internal graphics units with Gen11 architecture. In this way, various artificial intelligence calculations will be performed much more efficiently and quickly.

Intel did not provide any details on when the processor will be available and pricing. Together we will wait and learn about Intel’s new announcement.

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