Intel Arc GPUs Deliver Poor Results Without PBO

We’ve learned a lot about the Arc A380 in recent weeks, with its official China launch. The synthetic tests of the card were not bad, but it was disappointing in games. Benchmark tests with Intel’s new beta driver provide a better understanding of everything.

This driver, whose details we have mentioned, has a new feature called “Advanced Performance Optimizations (APO)”, as well as support for Arc A550M and A770M. In a nutshell, the company introduced application-specific optimizations that boost Arc GPU performance in synthetic tests like 3DMark.

Intel Arc PBO TimeSpy Testi Surucu Driver

Intel’s APO feature only affects TimeSpy and Port Royal tests for now. With the previous driver, the Arc A380 scored 5241 in the TimeSpy graphics test. With APO disabled, it can achieve 4449 points when tested with the new driver. So there is a 15% decrease.

In the Port Royal ray tracing test (APO disabled), the scores are approximately 4% lower. These optimizations don’t make a huge difference for ray tracing testing, but the difference between optimized and non-optimized TimeSpy tests is significant.

Intel Arc PBO Port Royal Testi Surucu Driver

Arc Alchemist cards performed far better than required in the initial 3DMark tests. In the games, the results were very different. Disabling Advanced Performance Optimizations apparently produces more transparent results.

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