Intel Arc Pro A50 and A40 Graphics Cards Appeared

Intel is gearing up to enter the professional graphics market with its upcoming Arc Pro series. The new Arc Pro series will fight graphics cards like the AMD Radeon Pro W and NVIDIA RTX A series. Thus, the blue team will appear in all lanes such as server, mobile, game and workstations.

Intel Arc A40 ve A50 Pro Is Istasyonu Kart

At least two models, Arc Pro A40 and Arc Pro A50, appear in the newly revealed SiSoftware Sandra images. Based on ACM-G10 silicon, the A50 appears to have 1,024 shader cores along with 128 Execution Units (EU). 128 EUs combine in a total of 8 Xe Cores. The A40 will likely use a reduced version of the same silicon. As for the memories, 6 GB GDDR6 type memory operating on the 96-bit data bus is used. By the way, let’s remind you that the current generation Xe graphics come out of TSMC’s 6nm production lines.

Intel Arc A40 ve A50 Pro Is Istasyonu Kart2

As with mobile and desktop platform, Intel is likely to compete with entry-level solutions such as Radeon Pro W6400, Pro W6500M and NVIDIA RTX A2000. As with other solutions, multiple connectivity options will be offered for business environments with Pro cards.

In the introduction of the Arc Pro series, Intel can talk about hardware accelerated AV1 encoding and artificial intelligence features. Unfortunately there is a delay in the rollout of Arc GPUs, including mobile and desktop, but we expect Intel to get things back on track by the end of the year.

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