Intel Introduces 10th Gen 10 nm ‘Ice Lake’ Processors

While the Computex 2019 events were going on, Intel, which has been talking about its commercial life in a shaky manner, came to the stage. During the conference, where the technology giant introduced its new generation processors, it was stated that the production of the processors was completed and they started to be sent to retail companies. Intel’s 10th generation processors are designed to be 10nm.

At the introductory conference held by Intel, all the details about the features of the processors were not given, but the main topics were still shared. Accordingly, Intel’s 10th generation ‘Ice Lake’ processors come with a completely renewed integrated graphics card support. Making major innovations in the structural architecture of graphics cards, Intel is preparing to make serious breakthroughs in graphics. In fact, Intel said that the new generation processors will fully support the game at 1080p resolution, while it will be sufficient for playing 4K resolution images.


Intel’s new generation processors, which are stated to be powered by artificial intelligence, learn the movements of the users and improve themselves accordingly. Thus, it is aimed to accelerate the work of the users with the new generation processors that learn the transactions of the users. In addition, taking the power consumption issue seriously, Intel aims to provide long-term use by minimizing the energy consumption of the processors to be used in laptop computers. In the statements made, it was stated that laptops using 10th generation processors can be used for 16 hours with appropriate hardware features.

The price of the 10th generation processors that Intel has started to send to retailers has not yet been clarified. It looks like we’ll find out when the processors take their places on the shelves.

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