Intel Withdraws From the Wearable Technology Market Completely

About a month ago, Intel announced that it would not continue to develop smart watches and glasses. At first glance, the result of this statement, which caused Intel’s presence in the field of wearable technology, became clear. Intel withdrew from the wearable technology market by completely shutting down its wearable technology arm, the New Devices Group.


Intel has invested heavily in wearable technology development and manufacturing to gain a foothold over the past 5 years. However, he did not get the expected income nor a respectable position in the sector. In fact, the company suffered a great loss by collecting back all the products it produced due to the mistakes that occurred in 2016.

Considering that Intel is an unknown company in the wearable technology market, I can say that its absence will not be felt. In fact, for a company that is almost unrivaled in the field of computer processors, being one of the worst in wearable technology was also damaging in terms of prestige.


Although Intel will not produce wearable devices, it will continue to work on producing chipsets for mobile and wearable technology devices. This way, the leading processor manufacturer can earn much more by doing what it knows. As a small example, we can give Samsung earning more than Apple in iPhone X sales thanks to the parts it produces.

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