Intel Xeon’s Three-Year Roadmap Revealed

The roadmap prepared by chipmaker Intel for Xeon CPUs was revealed by WikiChip. Among the emerging information, there is also information about the next generation server processors that Intel will release in three years.


The image, which reveals the roadmap to 2022, also clearly showed Intel’s plans to release PCIe Gen 4 with 10 nm Ice Lake-SP and 14 nm Cooper Lake in 2020. Cooper Lake will come in two different options. One of them will be Cooper Lake SP and the other will be Cooper Lake P.

The 14 nm Cooper Lake-SP family will be part of the Whitley Platform. Cooper Lake-SP is expected to have 48 cores, 8 channels of DDR4 memory and PCIe Gen 3 support. Cooper Lake P, on the other hand, can use the Cedar Island platform instead of the Whitley platform.

10 nm+ Ice Lake-SP processors are expected to take their place on the shelves in the second quarter of 2020. These processors will support up to 26 cores and 8 channels of DDR4 memory. The most notable feature of these processors will be PCIe Gen 4 support.

Intel plans to release the 10 nm++ Sapphire Rapids-SP family based on the updated Willow Cove core architecture in the first quarter of 2021. These processors will offer 8-channel DDR5 memory, PCIe Gen 5 support on the Eagle Stream platform.

In addition to all these, Intel is expected to open its first data center in 2021. The chipmaker will reveal 7 nm Granite Rapids-SP processors with Golden Cove chip core architecture after 2022.

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