Introduced a Solution to Prevent Pirated DLC Usage: Denuvo SecureDLC

Irdeto, the software company behind Denuvo, an anti-piracy solution, is now targeting those who get additional content for games without purchasing it. The new DRM solution, titled Denuvo SecureDLC, gives game developers the option to protect their microtransactions on massive PC gaming platforms like Steam, Microsoft Store and Epic Games Store.

The company says that existing protections in DLC packs can be easily circumvented by game owners using public tools without paying for them. These can range from unlocking cosmetic items to entire expansion packs, and Irdeto says its new and “first-of-its-kind” digital rights management solution could put an end to that.

denuvo securedlc duyuruldu 2

Irdeto described the process of incorporating the solution into the game DLC as small, simple and API-based. Integration will be possible with only minor source code changes. Denuvo SecureDLC requires a small and simple application based on the game code application program interface to solve the problem. The platform API is re-validated by the SecureDLC API mechanism, thus preventing hacker attacks and blocking access when it should not.

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