Invest in London-based Drybrush from the leading game company Joygame!

Industry experts’ predictions that 2022 will be the year of investments and mergers for the video game industry were confirmed by the news in the first months of the year. Turkey’s leading game company has also invested in a game studio in London in line with global trends.

When the potentials of concepts such as NFT and metaverse were added to the entertainment habits changed by the pandemic, a rapid growth in the video game industry was inevitable. While experts predict that 2022 will be the year of investment, merger and acquisition for the video game industry, a new one has been added to the news from Turkey. Turkey’s leading game company Joygame, which has made a name for itself with the global investment it has received in the past weeks, has invested in London-based game studio Drybrush. Joygame CEO Özberk Ölçer, reminding that Joygame wants to rewrite the rules in game publishing and continues its investments without slowing down, said, “We are taking steps to combine the financial strength we have achieved with the investment we announced in the past weeks, with our experience and the right partnerships. We aim to make a difference in the sector by bringing together different talents in Turkey and England with our investment in the Drybrush game studio, which three Turkish entrepreneurs brought to life in London.”

“We focus on producing games that offer deep and long-lasting experiences”

Joygame also announced that it will develop mobile games in the Action-RPG genre with the Drybrush investment it made with a quick start to 2022. Noting that Drybrush was founded in London at the beginning of 2021 by three Turkish entrepreneurs working in different fields of the game industry and having met since the 2000s, Drybrush Games CEO Alper Türktaş said, “We think that the depth offered by RPG elements is an important element for hybrid game genres. We strongly believe in this cooperation with Joygame, as our energy and vision for the future of the game industry match.” said. Drybrush Co-Founder and Creative Director Polat Raceci emphasized that the studio was founded by a team with international experience and spent their life playing RPG games, and said, “We see that the games that offer deep and long-term experiences on every platform are more preferred by the players. The meticulousness and care shown to the production process are definitely rewarded by the players. We see this period, where the interest in the action-RPG game genre is intense, as the right time to set out with Joygame.

“Joygame investments will not slow down”

Emphasizing that they have collaborated with Drybrush on the vision that the game industry should focus on quality games, player experience and community instead of advertising expenditures and virtual excitement created, Joygame CEO Özberk Ölçer shared Joygame’s 2022 plans with the following words: “With the addition of Drybrush, a total of We have partnered with 7 studios. We plan to triple these investments in 2022. In this context, we will continue to support studios that develop hyper-casual, hybrid-casual and NFT-based games without slowing down. We will continue to run towards our growth targets in the global game industry at full speed by taking part in international markets with the games we have developed with the studios we have partnered with.”

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