Investigation Launched About Social Media Giant Facebook

According to the latest developments, Head of Personal Data Protection Authority Faruk Bilir stated that they started a multi-dimensional investigation against Facebook, which is extremely common in Turkey. He knows: “A special commission has been established. We may have given our information to social media organizations with our explicit consent. “If the data is used out of purpose, it’s called data abuse,” he said. Bilir also stated that if such a situation is detected, an administrative fine of up to 1 million 200 thousand liras can be applied.


Recently, it was said that measures such as fingerprints will be taken on WhatsApp. Meeting with the management of the Economy Correspondents Association, Bilir drew attention to applications such as fingerprint, face recognition, palm reading and retina as security measures. Bilir stated that the fingerprint is biometric and important information, and said that if such data is recorded, it is very difficult to delete it.

Talking about the Facebook review launched in April 2018, Bilir said, “We are doing a multi-faceted research. A special commission was established. Let’s say we add an image here. My goal is to create a profile. However, it is not correct to make a profiling with algorithms from the pictures there. Profiling about me as ‘he makes purchases on the 15th of the month, usually wears a suit, makes installments’ is not allowed. These will be investigated.”

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