Investors’ expectations are rapidly digitizing brokerage firms

Global Securities announced that it has added 3 new features to its new generation trading platform BayGlobal, which has tripled the number of users in the last year, including radio, video and model portfolio tracking.

The wind of digital transformation, accelerating with the pandemic, also reveals new needs in the investment ecosystem. Investors prefer intermediary institutions that catch up with the digital age. This situation has prompted trading platforms in Turkey, whose investment ecosystem is rapidly digitizing, as in the rest of the world.

Devexperts, a financial software company that develops trading platforms that provide both individual and corporate services, announced its collaboration with Global Securities, which, with its history of more than 30 years, plays an important role in the development of Turkish capital markets. Stating that they have added new features to BayGlobal, the new generation trading platform of the institution, Global Securities General Manager Gülseyma Doğançay said that the platform allows users to listen to the broadcasts of Research Unit Analysts and Global Securities experts live and to have unlimited access to these broadcasts recorded as podcasts on the platform. The model will stand out with its portfolio instant tracking features.

“With the effect of our technology investments, BayGlobal’s transaction volume increased 6 times”

Gülseyma Doğançay, who made evaluations, said: “We invest in technology and applications that allow users to better follow the developments in the market and investment recommendations. BayGlobal, our new generation trading platform, which we believe raises the standards in the industry, has been designed to serve thousands of people simultaneously over the internet and from iOS / Android compatible mobile devices. Users can manage their portfolios and follow the market with expert and personalized instant notifications, news, suggestions, podcasts and videos. We offer the most advanced tools for those who want to invest in stocks and futures currently traded on Borsa Istanbul. The platform, which is very useful for managing both short and long-term individual investment accounts, also has features such as money transfer, alarms, market monitoring and depth monitoring. Thanks to the investments we made in BayGlobal, we increased the number of users of the platform by 3 times, while our commission income and transaction volume through the platform increased by 6 times.”

“Our aim is to bring investors in Turkey together with a good user experience”

Giving the details of the project, Oğuzhan Karakoç, CEO of Devexperts Turkey, said, “This study was a project where we were able to realize BayGlobal’s visionary ideas and make the lives of those who use our software even easier. Our aim is to bring together investors in Turkey with a good user experience by using proven applications of technology and design. Thanks to the projects we have done with different companies from all over the world, we can produce best-in-class software. By sharing this experience and expertise with intermediary institutions, we will continue to provide them with a competitive advantage.”

New features used for the first time in BayGlobal, a new generation trading platform:

Radio: Now BayGlobal users can listen to live broadcasts from Research Unit Analysts and Global Securities experts. Users can access these broadcasts, which are recorded as podcasts on the platform, whenever they want.

Video: Video recordings of live broadcasts such as Global View of the Week, Global View of Companies, Academy prepared by Global Securities experts; Publications such as BayGlobal user training videos are offered to users under different categories in this menu.

Model Portfolio Tracking: Users included in the model portfolio, which consists of short-term recommendations of the Global Securities Research Unit, can follow up instantly from this menu.

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