IO Interctive to Enhance DirectX 12 for Hitman 2

Hitman, which was released by IO Interactive in 2016, has been providing DirectX 12 support since its first release. Hitman 2, the second game of the series, disappointed the players on the PC side. The game, which was released in November 2018, could not offer DirectX 12 support. IO Interactive provided DirectX 12 support for Hitman 2 last March. The developers stated that they are working to increase the performance on low-end systems as well.

According to the information written by the developer team in the Microsoft blog post, the game performance has increased since the day DirectX 12 support came. The team also said that FPS values ​​improved by around 43 percent.


Saying that DirectX 11 support still offers better performance on low-end systems, the team wants to change this.

IO Interactive “DirectX 12 requires additional work on the game and puts a load on the system. It may perform poorly compared to the DirectX 11 version. “We continue to optimize the DirectX 12 version and aim to see improved performance, but right now DirectX 11 may be the best option on low-end systems.”

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