iOS 12.3 Released Bringing Apple TV App

Only 7 weeks have passed since the previous operating system version released iOS 12.2, Apple has also made the new version of the mobile operating version available to the end user. Apple users can download and install the new operating system version by going to Settings>General>Software Updates.


With the Apple TV app and the iOS 12.3 update, which focuses on the TV+ feature, users will now be able to watch various television channels and their favorite shows on Apple devices. Users who want to watch TV shows such as Game of Thrones or Billions will be able to do so by subscribing to HBO or Showtime from within the TV application.


Stating that the memberships can be shared with family members up to 6 people, and that people living under the same roof can access the same service for a much less cost, Apple also updated the tvOS update for the iOS 12.3 update. released today. Bringing AirPlay 2 support, the new update allows sharing photos, videos and more in a fast and easy way.


Until the end of 2019, AirPlay 2 feature, which is currently active on Samsung brand smart televisions; It is also planned to come to LG, Sony and Vizio brand smart televisions. With the AirPlay 2 feature coming to smart televisions, it is estimated that Apple users will purchase Apple TV + membership and will not need an Apple TV device.

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