iOS 13 Concept That Makes You Say ‘It’s Happened’

Apple will introduce the new generation iPhone models with the launch in September. There is no doubt that the new generation iPhones, which are expected to be called iPhone XI, XI and XIR, will be purchased by tens of millions of people. However, hundreds of millions of iPhone owners will continue to use older generation iPhones and iPads.


Graphic designer Álvaro Pabesio has released concept design images for iOS 13, which will be finalized with the introduction of the new generation iPhones in September. While the visuals offer a very realistic look for iOS 13, they show early what new features Apple will offer to users.


For most users, the highlight of iOS 13 will be a system-wide dark mode. However, as Apple focuses on performance improvements in iOS 12, we can predict that iOS 13 will have a much wider range in terms of new features. Without further ado, here are the iOS 13 visuals designed by Álvaro Pabesio;




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