iPhone 11’s Camera Protruding Concept Design Revealed

After the rumors that the iPhone models that will be introduced in 2019 will have 3 cameras, many different designs were produced. Among these, the latest concept design was admired by users, as it did not include the camera protrusion compared to other drawings.

In the post shared from the official Twitter account of product designer Jonas Daehnert, who usually comes to the fore with his designs for smartphones, the design of the iPhone 11 without a camera bump appears. However, Daehnert adds to the post he shared that we may see this design in 2020, and that this is not possible on the iPhone 11.


The camera bump, which Apple has been using since iPhone 6, emerged with the use of developing camera technologies. The fact that the iPhone 11 is designed not to have a camera bump means that the photo and video quality will decrease significantly. OIS (optical image stabilization) technology, which allows to capture clear images even when the device is shaken, is one of the biggest reasons for the camera bump.

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