iPhone XI Concept to Divide Apple Fans (Video)

Rumors about the iPhone 11 or iPhone XI have started to increase. Considering all the leaks and rumors that have emerged, Concept Creator, together with OnLeaks, revealed the most realistic iPhone XI concept design ever shared.

The shared video is not much different from the previously published concept designs. The iPhone XI will come with a triple rear camera with a square-shaped asymmetrical design. This camera will be the largest iPhone camera ever introduced in size.

Apple also does not give up on the notch that contains the Face ID components. Its width is also slightly reduced, but it can still be said to have a much larger notch compared to its competitors. In addition, the wallpaper will also be selected to hide the notch.

One of the notable changes in the design of the device is the mute/shutdown slide. This sled, which has had a long oval design until now, will have a completely round design with the iPhone XI.

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