Iranian Hackers Cause Massive Physical Damage to Steel Factory

Iranian activist hacker group “Gonjeshke Darande”, Iranian official army Revolutionary Guardscyber-attacked three steel mills, which were closely linked with

kuzistan, Isfahanand Hormuzgan Production stopped due to cyber attacks in the steel factories in the provinces in the morning. Group, Telegramand twitterIn the video he published on his address, he explained that these actions were carried out to defend the innocent in the face of Iran’s aggressive attitude towards people.

In addition, large-scale physical damage occurred in the factories. In the shared security camera footage, it is seen that the industrial machines that were working normally, suddenly broke down and the flames started to rise. It seems that the accident, in which the molten metals were transported, was overturned as a result of the cyber attack, destroying the entire production bench.

In the video, it is noticed that the factory workers run away and then try to intervene with water. There is no information in the media about whether there was any loss of life in the incident.

Iran is not only the starting point of most of the cyber attacks in the Middle East, but also a country that has to struggle with domestic opposition because of its violent policies. Previously, some hacktivist groups hacked prisons to make their voices heard. had been seen.

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