Is Dark Matter Made of Actions?

Action (Axion) are theoretical elementary particles proposed by Peccei-Quinn theory in 1977 to solve the strong CP problem in quantum color dynamics. The action maintains a certain balance in strength so that CP symmetry is maintained. But we do not yet know for sure whether actions exist.

If we want to fill the universe with dark matter, this dark matter must have certain properties. Dark matter does not interact much with itself and other matter. Also, dark matter needs to be fairly large, stable, and long-lived. Here are some features of the actions that fit these sought-after qualities. If we let the action be dark matter, we can observe dark matter in general.


Besides the Event Horizon Telescope, we do not have direct observations of supermassive black holes. We can only see materials that are spinning and appearing around them. We can estimate the size and mass of black holes from the properties of this material, but we cannot directly monitor black holes. So there may not be any black holes at all. Black holes may be action nuclei hiding in the centers of galaxies. The larger the galaxy, the more action items it contains, and the larger the action core in the middle.

This means that we can use the relationship between the black hole or actions and the galaxy to constrain the properties of actions. If the action is played with the particle mass, it will affect the relation of black holes or actions to the galaxy.


A group of astronomers recently used the relationship between black holes and galaxies to do just that, and succeeded in setting some upper bounds on the action particle mass to guide future experiments.

Are actions responsible for dark matter in the universe? We do not have the answer to this question yet, but I hope that one day this matter will be clarified.

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