Is Google Late on Wearable Technology?

It is a fact that Google is a successful company both in software and hardware. The company, which has important software such as Android software, the most used browser in the world, also has successful mobile phones such as Pixel 3.

On the other hand, Google has a problem area: Wearable technologies. Pixel Watch, which was said to be released last year, remained a project that did not turn into reality.


The new job posting follows Google’s acquisition of hardware and technology firm Fossil. Between this acquisition and filling out its senior management staff, it is the first time Google has gotten serious about wearables.

On the other hand, the Wear OS platform is rather weak compared to the Apple Watch. Apple’s smart watches perform much more successfully.


Who will Google take over is a hot topic in Silicon Valley. Still, it is mostly wondered whether Wear OS will become an important platform again.

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