İŞKUR Will Give Jobs to University Students During Summer Vacation

The Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) has implemented a project that closely concerns university students. Within the scope of this project called ‘Social Work Program’, university students will be able to work in designated places during the summer months. Students will be paid 67 TL per day they work and will be considered insured during this period. With the created project, it is aimed that the students both gain experience and spend the summer months productively.

If we come to the details of the project; In order to be included in this project, you must be at least 18 years old and a university undergraduate or graduate student (There is no restriction on departments in this regard.). In addition, open education universities, graduate and doctoral students will not be able to participate in this program. In addition, students who have obligations such as summer school and internship cannot participate in the Social Work Program.


There are some limits to participating in this program created for students. Accordingly, students will be able to work a maximum of 3 days a week. Working time will be limited to 7.5 hours per day. The student, who has the right to work for 42 days during a summer vacation, will be able to work for a total of 90 days during his student life. Students will also be able to take 5 days of unpaid leave if they wish. In addition, this period of students, whose working days will be shown as insured, will be counted towards their retirement. Students’ studies will not affect their scholarships and loans given by the Credit and Hostels Institution. In other words, no deductions will be made on their scholarships and loans as they work as insured.

Tasks will be determined by İŞKUR within the scope of the Social Work Program. Students will be able to choose 3 of these tasks when applying. In this program, where the order of preference is not important, the students who are entitled to work will be determined by drawing lots.

Students who will earn money over the net minimum wage will receive 67.36 TL per day in this context. With a little calculation, a student who can work 12 days in a month will earn 808 TL. A student who works for a whole summer term (42 days) will earn 2,829 TL in total.

Applications to the program will be made through the official website of İŞKUR. If you want to follow the information to be announced about the program, you can find it here. Applications are expected to begin as soon as possible.

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