It concerns all companies, what is the Information and Communication Security Circular?

Stating that companies in Turkey, all public institutions and businesses serving the critical infrastructure sectors, continue to work for compliance with the Information and Communication Security Circular, which obliges them to use an inventory management tool, MDP Group General Manager Fatih Kökce said, “With the domestic solution we have developed, the companies’ software and hardware assets We allow them to manage their information on a single platform.”

Remote work, which has become widespread in the pandemic, has increased the use of software and hardware that digitizes business processes. Inventory management tools used to monitor these assets related to information technology (IT) are needed more than ever, especially to prevent security vulnerabilities. According to a study conducted by the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), in 2021 companies faced cybersecurity risks 3 times more than in 2020, due to difficulties in tracking data traffic to circumvent security vulnerabilities. While the total data traffic that cannot be tracked increased by 10% in the cloud infrastructures of the companies compared to the previous year and reached 79%, this rate was recorded as 75% in the end-user devices. In parallel, nearly half of companies prohibit the use of personal devices for corporate activities, while one in 10 companies agree that automating IT asset monitoring can significantly improve various security operations.

Stating that a similar picture is prevailing in the Turkish business world, MDP Group General Manager Fatih Kökce said, “The measures to be taken regarding the management of IT assets have been determined within the scope of the Information and Communication Security Circular published in 2020 by the Digital Transformation Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey. In this circular, which covers all public institutions and businesses serving critical infrastructure sectors, the use of inventory management tools for their hardware and software and the reporting feature of these tools are among the measures introduced.

Increases the efficiency of investments and reduces costs

Stating that they have been responding to the needs of companies with the IT asset management software Loggle they have developed as MDP Group, which has been operating in the fields of consultancy, software development and Fintech since 2012, Fatih Kökce said, “Loggle, in compliance with the Information and Communication Security Circular, enables companies to fulfill their obligations within the scope of IT asset management. provides. With the software we have developed, we enable companies to manage their software and hardware assets on a single platform, and facilitate the tracking of licensing processes and the preservation of contract documents. Users can easily manage integrations in their systems, analyze IT asset investments and provide cost optimization. “Our goal is to help companies optimize their IT investments, enabling them to achieve significant IT cost savings.”

Domestic software is expected to increase exports to 60%

Kökce explained the targets of MDP Group in 2021 as follows: “Today, companies buy hundreds or even thousands of software in their digital transformation processes, but often cannot get the required efficiency from their investments due to low traceability methods. As MDP Group, we will continue our efforts to optimize these investments with Loggle in 2021 as well. We are also planning to increase our activities abroad. Our service and software exports are increasing every year. With Loggle, we aim to increase our international sales, which accounted for 49% of our turnover in 2020, to over 60% by the end of this year.”

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