It turns out that dinosaurs also lived in the Ice Age

Most of us know that dinosaurs crashed into the earth 66 million years ago and then causing ice age We know the theory that they went extinct because of the meteorite. According to the study of a team that studies the extinction of dinosaurs, dinosaurs actually lived a long time ago.

According to the findings of the research, dinosaurs emerged from the ice age about 65 million years ago. they existed in the previous ice ageand they were almost extinct at that time.

Dinosaurs lived 202 million years ago


(A depiction of a feather-adapting dinosaur believed to have survived the pre-Jurassic ice age.)

Scientists have discovered a much more mysterious and less controversial extinction that preceded the theory that the dinosaurs went extinct 66 million years ago: The ice age that took place 202 million years ago.The extinction had occurred, which wiped out the great reptiles that had ruled the planet until then, and apparently paved the way for the dinosaurs to take over.

So what caused this Triassic-Jurassic Extinction, and why did dinosaurs survive when other living things disappeared?

During the Triassic Period before the first extinction, the earth was generally hot and steamy is known to be. It was also during the later Jurassic period, which started the age of the dinosaurs. there were similar conditions . However, new research heat-loving dinosaurs turns his mind upside down.

7a289c9c2291a64bc1b7c2c54293b933cf6ad505 (The Junggar Basin hills in China, where dinosaur footprints thought to have survived the Ice Age are found.)

The new research finds that Triassic dinosaur species, a small group that were largely driven to the polar regions during the Triassic period, regularly visited there. reveals the first physical evidence that it withstands freezing conditions.

Indicators from the study were accompanied by strange rock fragments that may have been preserved only by ice. based on dinosaur footprints . At the time of extinction, the cold latitudes that already occurred at the poles spread to lower latitudes, the authors of the study said. they say it kills cold-blooded reptiles.

Adapted dinosaurs evolved to these conditions. adapted, survived and reproduced . The rest goes back to the Jurassic period as we know it. What are you thinking? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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