Italian Robot Dog HyQReal Tows A 3-Ton Jet

Artificial intelligence robots have become a subject that scientists are working on seriously. In particular, robots produced by Boston Dynamics are frequently on the agenda. These robots, which are called ‘robot dogs’ because they look like dogs, have managed to attract attention with their superior abilities. In fact, sharing the tests on these robot dogs over video platforms sometimes caused reactions. However, this did not affect the studies on robot dogs.

A member from Italy has now been added to the caravan of robot dogs. This robot dog, named ‘HyQReal’ by Italian scientists, has a very ambitious feature. HyQReal managed to tow a 3-ton Airbus jet for exactly 10 meters. Those moments were shared on Youtube. Here are those moments when HyQReal shot the 3-ton plane;

Developed by researchers at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) headquarters since 2007, HyQReal has successfully fulfilled this challenge. Making statements on the subject, the developer team stated that HyQReal was developed for use in disasters, this robot can carry people and was produced to clear the obstacles in the environment in case of a possible disaster. The leader of the project, Claudio Semini, announced that they did something that had never been done before, and that they showed the whole world that they were successful with this test. Semini stated that custom-made rubber feet were used for HyQReal to fully dominate the floor, and stated that they are proud of this achievement and that they will continue to work.

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