It’s Easy to Create Wonders with a 10mm Full-Frame Lens

A photographer highlights what the human eye sees when taking a photo, both with the composition he creates and the point of view. What the photographer wants to emphasize and what he does not want is entirely in his hands, and he can even manipulate reality if he wishes. What makes his photograph different is his ability to draw the individual into the frame.

A successful photographer sometimes surprises the individual, sometimes shocks him, and sometimes takes him for a little tour in the world of dreams. In the world of photography, which is not as simple as it seems, even a small change of equipment can do wonders. We have compiled an article about how you can use 10 mm Full Frame lenses for you.


A 10mm lens can immerse you in a completely different world. The vertical lines are bent to resemble a barrel and the image is distorted. This distortion can sometimes be beneficial to the person and add a nice touch to the photo. With the effect of the distortion, the atmosphere in the foreground grows as much as possible and draws all the attention, the clouds in the sky are gathered in the center automatically.

Some tips for shooting at extreme wide angles:


  • First of all, get as close to the ground as you can. Don’t be afraid to take risks when taking pictures. Small objects such as small pebbles or lines appear several times larger than they are when they are brought into the foreground when shooting at extreme wide angles.
  • When you notice something while walking around, keep your eyes on the viewfinder and bend over a little to see how the distortion in the image will affect the photo.
  • Everything is ready, you will take the photo. Even that tiny centimeter can make the result you get from your photo perfect or make it worse. By panning slightly to the right or left, or panning your camera slightly up or down, you can have a huge impact on the final image.
  • Use a cloudy sky to your advantage. Super wide-angle lenses can work wonders when combined with the sky.
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    If you have a special interest in photographing landscapes or architectures, you can increase your creativity by shooting at extreme wide angles and maybe encounter a whole new facet of photography that you never knew existed.

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