John Wick 3 First Impression – Webtekno Special (No Spoilers)

The day that John Wick fans have been eagerly waiting for has almost arrived. Parabellum, the third film in the series, will be screened on May 17. So, what kind of movie is waiting for John Wick fans?

Note: There are no spoilers for the movie ‘John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum’ in our article.

Parabellum, the third film of the series, which was screened at 10:45 in the morning today; action came with lots of action and lots of action. Even if you think that we are trying to make a joke or try to warm the atmosphere when we say this, it is useful to know that you are wrong. The movie, which took a little over two hours, literally started and ended with action.

Although we cannot justify the reasons for the movie not being released, we can say that Parabellum is the best movie of the series. As you know from the second movie, John Wick was banned as a result of killing Santino D’Antonio within the borders of the Continental. A huge bounty was placed on his head. This being the case, the number of people who wanted Baba Yaga’s death increased greatly. Which means there are more people to take care of John Wick.


Finally, we can say to our readers who are considering going to the movie, that Parabellum is the toughest John Wick movie ever. What do we mean by ‘hard’? To paraphrase our direct experiences, Parabellum may be the last movie you’d want someone who doesn’t like seeing blood in the movie theater sit next to you. Unfortunately, we fixed it with experience, it was not pleasant.

If you are thinking of coming to this part of the article and not going to the movies, we have a piece of advice for you: Watch the first two movies (again) while you still have time, and change your mind immediately. Otherwise you will miss a lot.

After the movie is released, stay tuned to not miss the detailed and spoiler review article.

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