John Wick 3: Parabellum Detail (Spoiler)

As we mentioned in our previous article, John Wick 3, where the action stopped for a maximum of six and a half seconds, literally started and ended with action. In the end, a $14 million bounty was placed on John Wick’s head, and the whole city was after him. As Winston said, the terms are almost equal.

Since there are so many topics we want to talk about with you about the movie, let’s examine the movie section by section without further ado. Of course, it is also worth mentioning for those who want to watch the movie and those who haven’t watched it yet: After this part of our article, every sentence is a spoiler. You have been warned.

continue from where we left off

Recalling the ending of the second movie, John was banned from all service by shooting High Council member Santino D’antonio within the confines of Conitnental. After all was over for John Wick, Continental owner Winston gave him one hour to prepare before John Wick was banned. We find John Wick running to the last scene of the movie in the same way in the third movie and the action starts.


Our assassin on his way to the New York library killed one of the millions of assassins who attacked him even though he still had time (if you consider that the High Council has millions of assassins and everyone is aiming to kill John Wick). Taking the things he had hidden in the book at a certain point, John put the book back in the same way and left the library and set off.


With only a short time to spare before the entire city followed him, and having actually already made his plan, John set off for Morocco in hopes of finding the head of the High Council. At this point in mind, “Wasn’t John Wick just banned? How will he go to Morocco?” A question may have arisen. As an answer, we can say that we once again understood how important the seals are. John Wick, the last ‘seal’ from the person at the head of the place where he spent his childhood, developed and studied in order to go to Morocco. .) asked for help and went to Morocco. Let’s also point out that the former trainer who helped John paid heavily for it.

The broken order is restored


Of course, while all this was going on, the High Council appointed an arbitrator to put things right in New York. The referee who gets on your nerves in the later minutes of the movie; Winston and Bowery indicated to the King that they would be dethroned and that they had seven days. So, you see, both of them were given a period of seven days. Of course, the referee did not stop there. He commissioned assassins at a Chinese restaurant to kill John. In the coming minutes, we will learn that there are very likely John Wick posters in the room of the assassin assigned to kill John. If this sentence sounds illogical right now, it will make sense in the lobby scene.

While this was happening in New York, John’s old friend and head of Continental’s ‘branch’ in Morocco (Halle Berry) helped John. Let’s reiterate: Sofia, who owed him a favor as a result of a previous favor from John, although he was forbidden to help under normal circumstances, took him to his former boss, and John received information on how to reach the head of the High Council. Of course, this place was not without incident.


Although we know the John Wick movie with its excellent fight choreography and action, the biggest sin of every action movie is also present in this movie. We couldn’t help our curiosity in Sofia’s fight scene and started counting how many shots the gun fired. We imagined that the weapon, which we thought was a standard pistol at the beginning, could be a little more advanced, and we said 15+1. Of course, after that, we thought of the possibility of using a special magazine outside the standard, and we thought of the gun as 20+1. When this possibility did not materialize (after 25), we stopped counting. As a matter of fact, this decision taken not to interrupt the action, affected the reality of the film and put a minus point on the film. Still, the movie was so beautiful that we can consider this mistake as an ‘evil eye bead’.

Still, we’re addressing the makers of the fourth movie here: The maximum number of bullets a standard pistol can hold is about a quarter of what you think…

High Council

If we leave this weapon issue behind, John, who reached the character that we think is the head of the High Council, stated that he wanted to live because he wanted to remember his wife and asked for the ban to be lifted. The head of the High Council gave John a task to prove his dependence. To complete this quest, John had to kill Winston.


When you get to this point in the movie, “What will happen now?” You get the perfect feeling. It was also a matter of great curiosity how such a task would be completed after John and Winston took care of each other in both films and after Winston gave John an hour. Accepting this task, John proved to us that he is a person who can do anything to keep the memory of his wife alive.

After giving this impression, John, who was on his way to the Continental to kill Winston, was intercepted by the assassin tasked with killing him. After a long fight, when John was on the ground, we said, “This is everything,” but John managed to get his hand on the Continental stairs, thus briefly avoiding death. From this point on, John and the Chinese Ninja assassin head Zero sat down in the lobby, sibling.


At this point, there is an issue that needs to be addressed. It would come as no surprise to anyone if we say that the John Wick series is not famous for its dialogues. If you remember the Moroccan scene, Sofia, where her dogs were shot, said, “He shot my dog” in defense of his actions after causing complete chaos. After that, John said, “I understand you,” causing a serious laugh in the hall. As for the lobby scene and Zero, there is a serious disproportion. The fact that the assassin of an organization, which has been the fearful dream of everyone in the world since the first movie, says to John Wick like a little kid “I am your biggest fan” can be shown among the rare points that lower the quality of the movie. Of course, we will be waiting for your opinions on this very subjective part in the comments section.

To pick up where we left off, after explaining to John Winston that the High Council had ordered him to kill himself, Winston signaled that he would act against the High Council. John suddenly gave up on killing Winston and all Continental’s services were reopened for John Wick. John and Winston faced the High Council. Ultimately, “If you wanted peace, you had to prepare for war.”


The referee went first to Bowery King, saying he was dethroned and would be punished for giving John Wick seven bullets. After Bowery King’s penalty was given, the referee made his way to Continental. Seeing John and Winston together, the referee first asked Winston if he would leave Continental and then if John would kill Winston. Receiving no from both sides, the soldiers of the High Council raided to evacuate the Continental.

All High Council soldiers in the Continental have been cleared after watching the best fight scene in the John Wick series. The referee, who was at the hotel at the time, called Winston for a peace meeting. After this speech, John, Winston and the referee came together in the area that we think is the roof of Continental.


Seeing John Wick arrive on the terrace of the Continental while the referee and Winston were speaking, as if we hadn’t watched him turn dozens of people into colanders fifteen minutes ago, created the “Wow” feeling in almost all of the audience. Of course, we were overjoyed when we learned that the referee gave Continental back to Winston when we felt that it was the last scene of the movie. However, our enthusiasm remained in our crop.

Imagine a person destroying a whole army alone so that your reputation will not be damaged. And you’re trying to kill that person for your own reputation. By the way, how he didn’t die is another matter…


In short, Winston betrayed John Wick by stabbing him in the back, so to speak, by shooting at John Wick to keep Continental and causing him to fall from the roof. John had a pretty big drop, too.

When the referee came to Continental and told Winston that John Wick was not there, and most likely not dead, as we thought that the movie ended here and John couldn’t get out of this situation, and we were thinking about Winston with sentimental (!) thoughts, “How so?” we said. At the end of the movie, we were put on hold for the fourth movie after John was found by the Bowery King’s men and vowed some kind of revenge with the Bowery King.

When we skip the thirty-five thousand action scenes in the movie, we can say that the movie went more or less like this. What kind of movie awaits us after John Wick (as we count) fell five floors down and is still alive, this question will be answered with the new movie.



Parabellum, which we can say by far the most action-packed and most successful film of the series, not only met our expectations, to be honest, but also set the bar much higher. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it is the best action movie of recent times. The work, which increased the tension immensely with many unexpected moments such as the betrayal in the last scene of the movie, made us experience the action in every second. It also raised our expectations even more, with Bowery King and John Wick signaling that they’re going to fight against the entire high ground.

Even if we can’t predict what will happen for now, we can say that it will not end here and there will be a lot of bloodshed. Although the information on the future of a fourth movie has not been officially announced, we can definitely say that the fourth movie will come according to the end of the movie. So until we meet in a similar detailed narrative in John Wick’s fourth movie, goodbye.

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