Kaspersky Rescue Disk Usage Guide

Kaspersky Rescue Disk is a powerful and effective recovery disk that you can use to remove malware from your system. You can run the tool from CD/DVD or, more conveniently, via USB. To do this, first obtain the Kaspersky Rescue Disk ISO file using this link.

Rufus tool that we will use to burn the ISO file to USB using this link download. Then plug your USB memory into your computer. The USB memory you will use must have a capacity of at least 1 GB.Run the Rufus program.

KRD Rufus

Firstly ” selectYou downloaded the first by using the ” section. krd.iso Select the ” file. Rufus will automatically adjust the settings. Make sure the MBR partition scheme and BIOS or UEFI target system are selected though. You should also use FAT32 as the file system.After making sure that all settings are correct, ” start Click the ” button. In the window that appears, Print in ISO Image modeMake sure “” is checked and ” ARROWClick the ” button.

KRD Rufus2

Wait for the process to complete and shut down your computer when the process is finished. Start your computer with the USB stick inserted.

deleteor F2 Enter the BIOS with the keys. On some systems, even without entering the BIOS. F1, F8, F10, F11 or F12Boot Menu can be opened with keys.

While your computer is booting to the BIOS A prompt will appear on how to enter. For example, in this system, you can enter the BIOS with DEL and with F11. to the Boot Menu It says to enter. You can boot Kaspersky rescue Disk directly by opening the boot menu with F11 and selecting the USB memory stick.

krd 6813 01 en13 125085

If you cannot reach the boot menu:

  1.   BIOSon the screen bootSwitch to tab and put your USB stick first.
  2. Save the settings with the “Y” key by pressing the F10 key or by selecting the YES option.

When you pass these steps without any problems, the “Press ESC to enter the menu” screen will appear. ESCPress the key.


Then the language selection menu will appear. “ EnglishSelect the ” language option.


From the menu that appears ” Kaspersky Rescue Disk, Graphic mode Select ”. If you have problems with the operation of this mode, you can also use the “limited graphic mode” option at the bottom.


Wait for the tool to load. When the graphical interface opens, you will see the user agreement. After ticking the boxes AcceptPress the ” button.


After a small installation process, the tool will open. Firstly ” Change parameters Click ” to select the partitions to be scanned. Later on ” start scanClick ” to start the scan.

If ” Databases are out of dateIf you see ” before starting the scan to update the databases, “ Update nowClick on ”.

After finishing the scan, the tool will show you the malware found. Malware found in this window deleteYou can delete it, copy it to quarantine or ignore it by ticking the ” option.


If an active virus is detected, ” Malware detected A message will appear with the ” window. In such a case ” Disinfect and start an advanced scanCheck the ” option.


After completing all the operations, click on the start menu to exit the tool. leaveClick ”.

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