Kernel Source Code of Nokia 2 Released

Motorola and Google are always the first names that come to mind when it comes to sharing the kernel source code. This time, the company that made a move on the kernel source code was Nokia. Nokia is not a manufacturer that we have heard much about in this regard.

Nokia shared the kernel source codes of Nokia 2, which it released 2 years ago, on its official site. However, there is a situation that will not satisfy the users related to this issue. Nokia does not yet allow the bootloader of the Nokia 2 to be unlocked.


It is natural to feel strange when the manufacturer, who has shared the kernel source codes for many models, albeit late, shares the source codes for a device that was put on sale 2 years ago. You can access the source code page of the aforementioned Nokia 2 via this link. Thanks to the same link, it is possible to browse the source codes published by Nokia for other models.

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