Khaby Lame Becomes The Most Followed TikTok User!

Showing that it is not necessary to follow the standard line to be popular on TikTok, Khaby has officially sat on the top today. He became famous for his reactions to different videos on social media and reached millions of followers in a short time. Khaby LameAs of yesterday, it has become TikTok’s most followed content producer.

Khaby Lame’s follower count surpassed 142.7 million yesterday, the previous holder of the throne previously Dethroned Charli D’Amelio . Charli D’Amelio, who has been the most followed name of TikTok for years, made a statement about Khaby’s new throne. Speaking at VidCon, D’Amelio’s statement was as follows:

“There is no bad feeling between us”


“I was #1 for two years. It’s time someone else has that spot, and I’m proud of it. He is a friend and there is no bad feeling between us. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that someone who is sweet, good, and loves what they do has gotten to that point.”

The gap has already climbed to almost 1 million:



Khaby Lame, now the biggest name of TikTok, is currently 143.1 million has followers. Khaby has almost 1 million followers to Charli D’Amelio, even hours after his new record. D’Amelio, TikTok’s number two, is currently 142.3 millionhas followers.

Khaby Lame, the new owner of the TikTok throne, was previously selected by Forbes for the “Forbes Under 30 Europe” list. Khaby, in the category ‘arts and culture’ before the age of 30In their field names that left their mark on the worldwas among:

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