‘Killer’ Bird That Killed Its Owner Will Be Sold At Auction

In the incident that took place in Florida, USA, Cassowary, known as the most dangerous bird species in the world, attacked its owner who fell to the ground and caused the death of the old man. An auction house in America announced that the bird will be put up for auction.


The reason for this situation is the will of Marvin Hajos, the deceased owner of the bird. With the reading of Hajos’ will after his death, it was determined that these birds were valuable and he wanted them to be sold so that they would not be left unattended. Auction house officials stated that detailed information will be given before the birds are sold. The Wildlife Conservation Commission in Florida, on the other hand, reminded that the auction house’s permission must be obtained before these animals can be sold, and gave the message “we have our eyes on you”.

According to the statements made by the auction house, the auction will take place on April 27.

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