Komtaş and BI Technology join forces.

BI Technology, a domestic technology company operating in the field of business intelligence solutions, joined Komtaş, one of Turkey’s leading data and analytics ecosystems, with its 8 expertise centers.

Today, data has become the most valuable asset, almost the top priority raw material for companies. While efficient management of data is critical, using it in the most effective way and transforming it into information and insight with analytical competencies also play a key role in the sustainability of companies. While the collaborations made in this context continue, an important move came from Komtaş, one of Turkey’s leading data and analytics ecosystems, which acquired the domestic technology company BI Technology, which stands out with its competence in business intelligence. BI Technology’s business intelligence solutions are added to the end-to-end technology, solutions and services offered by Komtaş, which has been operating for more than 30 years, in many fields such as data management and governance, data warehouse, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, security analytics, and risk analytics. announced. BI Technology is in the market in the field of business intelligence in the Komtaş ecosystem with an experience focused on end-user interfaces, which puts data at the service of business units.

“It will pave the way for service delivery with a holistic approach”

Making a statement on the subject, Komtaş Chairman and General Manager Yüksel Çomak said, “Considering the changing conditions of the business world and today’s needs, we see that companies that want to manage digital transformation on the axis of data and analytics now prefer to provide all end-to-end services from a single point. At this point, BI Technology, which has more than 20 years of field experience in the field of business intelligence, is coming to the market with an experience focused entirely on end user interfaces, as a complementary part of the data, analytics and artificial intelligence solutions in the Komtaş ecosystem. BI Technology’s participation in the Komtaş ecosystem; It will pave the way for our customers in the finance, security, insurance, health, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, media, public, transportation and IT sectors to be served with a stronger team and a holistic approach.”

Ruhver Barengi, Chairman of the Board of BI Technology, said, “We have been acting together with the ecosystem of business partners we have created in the market since our establishment. This way of working, which is very suitable for Komtaş’s DNA, will also be complementary in operational and strategic terms.

End-to-end data and analytics solutions

Noting that they have become a structure that provides end-to-end services on the axis of data and analytics in the digital transformation journey by incorporating BI Technology, Çomak said, “With this approach, solutions aimed at optimizing operational efficiency, reducing costs, minimizing risks and increasing competitive advantage in the private and public sectors. we are constructing. Since the needs of each customer are different, we have the opportunity to design our solutions specifically for each company in a way that best meets the needs. At this point, we choose the right technology, go beyond the current situation of our customers and act with a strategic perspective that will also cover their future needs. With this move, we see that we will grow healthier and faster with a portfolio of 220 employees and hundreds of customers. With the inclusion of BI Technology in the Komtaş ecosystem, our customers will have the opportunity to work with a team that offers the most competent staff, product diversity and solution range in the fields of business intelligence, data, analytics and artificial intelligence.” used the expressions.

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