Kunefe is NFT!

From Jack Dorsey’s tweet to the source codes of the internet, from a newspaper article to viral videos, a new one has been added to the extraordinary NFT projects that make a name for themselves every day. A Turkish dessert restaurant has produced NFT versions of desserts such as künefe, baklava and dolama.

The NFT (unique digital asset) market, which is expected to reach a volume of 80 billion dollars in the next three years, surprises with another innovation every day. An extraordinary innovation has come from Turkey to NFT projects, which previously made it possible to transfer many real assets from the source codes of the internet to a newspaper article into the digital environment. Beyzade Kunefe Partner, Ercan Kılıç, announced the project with these words: “We broke new ground in Turkey by transforming our various desserts such as künefe, baklava, donuts, and pistachio into NFTs with adaptations from retro games. We are proud to present 10 different digital assets that we have created to users on the world’s largest NFT market OpenSea platform. We plan to gift 5 of the NFTs we produce to our followers.”

“We closely follow global trends and the transformation of technology”

Sharing his comments on the transformation of sweets such as baklava, künefe, dolama and pistachios into an NFT project inspired by retro games such as Alien Invasion, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Battle City, Tetris, Mario, Ercan Kılıç said, “As Beyzade Künefe, we closely follow NFT and other digital trends. . We are witnessing closely how social media and digital marketing, which we attach great importance to since the day we were founded, are transformed by digital trends such as NFT. Recently, we noticed that many brands operating globally have started to use NFT as a new contact point with a customer. We believe that the probability of success of a brand will increase if it follows developments outside its own field. We think that we are the pioneer of innovation in the sector in which we operate in Turkey, with the importance we attach to both our products and digital trends.”

“The metaverse is next”

Saying that customers care about real experiences and trust brands that speak the same language as them, Beyzade Künefe Partner Ercan Kılıç said, “As a dessert restaurant that puts customer satisfaction at the center of its business, we are preparing for new activities that will surprise our customers who love Beyzade Künefe flavors and technology enthusiasts. As Beyzade Künefe, we will soon carry out a concept study in the virtual universe metaverse,” he said. Alperen Özmen from the creative team of Volantis Digital Agency, who designed the NFTs of traditional desserts with inspiration from retro games that left their mark on a period, said, “I believe that we have done a pleasant and beautiful work as we agreed with Beyzade Künefe that the most important thing in the NFT world is to create a concept. I think this project will attract the attention of the NFT community as well as Beyzade Künefe customers.”

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