Land Rover Defender Takes Up Dacia Duster [Video]

Two important names of the SUV world; Land Rover Defender 100X and Dacia Duster faced off in an off-road race. The race, organized by a YouTube channel called “Carwow”, revealed a very remarkable result. Bride of two racing SUVs technical specificationsand let’s look at the winner of this race together.

Dacia Duster, which is one of the most preferred SUVs in our country, had a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine producing 115 horsepower and 260 Nm of torque. In Land Rover Defender 110X 303 horsepower and there was a giant 3.0-liter engine capable of producing 650 Nm of torque. It was not even possible to put both SUVs side by side in terms of engine power. However, there was one very important aspect that separated these two SUVs from each other. such that Dacia Duster weighed 1,405 kilograms, while the Land Rover Defender 110X weighed 2,340 kilograms. . In other words, although the Land Rover Defender 110X had a huge powerful engine, the weight difference actually brought the two SUVs to the same point.

Is power more important than weight?


Both SUVs performed a drag race in the first stage of the race. The winner of this race was the Land Rover Defender 110X with a nose difference. Dacia Duster on take off spin off , surpassed the popular SUV. In the second stage of the race, the two SUVs battled to complete a short course in the same conditions earlier. Interestingly, this time Dacia Duster was the winner. In the third stage, the Carwow team tested their abilities while the vehicles were going downhill. As you can imagine, the Duster is just as good as the Land Rover Defender 110X. successful could not . YouTubers, who also tested the driving aids, suspension qualities and handling of both SUVs, could not make the Dacia Duster win no matter what they did. This affordable SUV extra 3 pointsThe team, who even gave it, saw that Duster was 1 point behind at the end of all stages…

To summarize the result; Land Rover Defender 110X vs. Dacia Duster his money givingIt was registered as an SUV…

Here are the moments where Dacia Duster and Land Rover Defender 110X collide:

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