Landlords Withdraw Rental Ads

While the economic problems in Turkey continued, the constantly rising rents put the citizens in a difficult situation. So much so that it became very difficult to find a house with a rent of less than 5-6 thousand TL in a good neighborhood in Istanbul.

In the past weeks, we have shared with you that there has been a move from the authorities on this issue. Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ stated that he would limit the rent increase to 25% for contracts to be renewed until 1 July 2023. After that, the regulation was approved in the Parliament. Now, it is stated that the hosts have started to withdraw their advertisements due to this decision.

As a result of the removal of advertisements, the number of rental houses decreased


According to the news, many landlords, who do not want to be stuck with the 25% rent increase limit, place their ads on the internet. to pull back started. On the other hand, it was reported that some of the landlords made a contract for after July 2 and exceeded the raise limit by taking a month’s wages by hand. The landlords are trying to evict the tenants with various excuses and are planning to rent at a high price after 1 July; For this reason, it was among the news that the case was taken to the court.

It was stated that some real estate agents also suggested that landlords remove their tenants just to get more commissions. In addition, the number of rental houses across the country has increased from 122 thousand as a result of the removal of advertisements. decreased to 85,000.was specified.

In the last statements, it was stated that the number of empty houses in Istanbul’s districts such as Beylikdüzü, Başakşehir, Bağcılar, Kadıköy, Ataşehir, Sancaktepe and Tuzla is quite high, and that the number of empty houses in the city is also high. 1.8 million it has been reported. This revealed that there are actually empty houses in Istanbul, where it is very difficult to find a house these days.

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