LAST MINUTE: New Minimum Wage Increase Announced

The minimum wage, which was increased in January, became ineffective against the rising cost of living due to rising inflation and foreign exchange. Minimum wage, which has been on the agenda of Turkey for weeks. second raiseThe issue has finally become clear today.

President Erdoğan made a statement at the Dolmabahçe Office. announced the new minimum wage. The new minimum wage to be valid in Turkey has been determined as 5,500 TL net. In other words, the minimum wage increased by 30% compared to the beginning of this year and 94.62% compared to last year. President Erdogan’s statements were as follows:

“The actual minimum wage will take place at the beginning of the year”


“As it is known, Turkey has been implementing its own program against the economic traps it has been exposed to for a while. We are faced with a new situation due to the coronavirus epidemic, the economy disrupted by the Russia-Ukraine war. Inflation is the world’s top priority. Inflation figures are different due to our own realities and habits. Even though the rates of price increases are different, the effect on the economic process is the same.With this understanding, we closely followed every development and gave our main attention to the solution of the problems of our own citizens.

There will already be an increase in the inflation difference of more than 40 percent to the salaries of our public employees and our retirees. We found it appropriate to compensate for the losses of the minimum wage earners. We called the commission to a meeting. We set a new minimum wage figure. The new minimum wage is increasing by 25 percent as of July. The new minimum wage will be 5500 TL net. Our state will provide 100 lira support to employers per worker. I wish the new minimum wage to be beneficial to all our employees. The actual minimum wage will take place at the beginning of the year. Due to the fact that the income equal to the minimum wage we put into effect at the beginning of the year is exempt from tax, this increase will be reflected to the public employees as an average of 300 TL. As Turkey grows and develops, it will continue to share the opportunities it has with every member of the nation.

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