Latest Technological Wonder Products

Thanks to technology advancing at a dizzying pace, life is getting easier day by day in a sense; So much so that we can do things that we could not even imagine before, or that we could only do with the help of a few tools and machines, with a tiny tool that we carry in our pockets. And now, let’s leave you alone with 10 new state-of-the-art products.

1. This fantastic mirror allows you to listen to music, take photos and download apps (weather, etc.). It also allows you to watch YouTube videos.


2. You may know VR headsets, but how about VR shoes? These Taclim VR bots allow you to experience the feeling of walking on different floors and simulate the ability to kick bad guys in the games you play.


3. This one-piece suit, which completely wraps your body and allows every part of your body to feel the effect of VR shoes, doesn’t look bad either.


4. Want to have a pet but have hesitations about ‘care’? That’s where the Qoobo comes in… When you tame the Qoobo, which is a soft, circular pillow, you’ll find that it has a moving tail attached to the pillow. The manufacturer says that Qoobo reduces anxiety, moreover, using it is good for your heart.


5. Hushme, this personal acoustic device, marketed as a ‘sound mask for smartphones’ by its inventors, promises to provide true privacy in your public conversations.


6. Now comes the food of the future… Thanks to the ‘Keurig Pod’ model of the manufacturer, we all get rid of the food produced in the factory and sold in the markets.


7. How about making phone calls by pressing your index finger to your ear? Thank you SGN. You don’t have to worry about losing your headphones anymore, because with this communication you provide with your fingertip, extraneous sounds are completely blocked.


8. Let’s introduce you to ‘Readond’, which analyzes your friends’ past relationships! She acts ‘sexist’ in her descriptions, even though it is a program. For example, men may say, “With someone else for a long time, go!” when receiving messages such as; female users get messages like “He’s using you, so you can use him”.


9. What about this kid-friendly toy from Fisher Prize? Or we better call it a ‘fun and exercise’ bike.


10. And here is another state-of-the-art product! A mobile phone that translates words as soon as they come out of your mouth and doesn’t even need an internet connection for that!


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