Learning Languages ​​May No longer be a Problem with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has touched many areas and the number of sectors it deals with is increasing day by day. One of the last areas where artificial intelligence reached out was language learning software. Busuu released its AI-powered vocabulary training last week, while Duolingo has AI-powered conversational bots.

Speexx’s chairman and founder, Armin Hopp, also talked about how they integrate artificial intelligence into their companies. Hopp said that artificial intelligence has started to be used a lot and this is a marketing move, and that they rebuilt their technology ecosystem four years ago and used artificial intelligence for the benefit of their customers and users.

Hopp, who also talked about how Speexx uses artificial intelligence, said that one of the results of this change is the reservation system. expressed as a match.

Expressing that artificial intelligence is also used for vocabulary, reading, writing and even pronunciation, Armin Hopp said that they have developed a special software for pronunciation and they also use artificial intelligence to predict the behavior of the user.

Explaining that virtual reality and augmented reality will also be used in language learning, Hopp says that if you are learning Italian, for example, you will be able to practice by going to virtual Rome or Milan.

With the developing technology, perhaps learning a language will no longer be a big problem in the medium term.

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