LED Lights Can Do Irreparable Damage To The Eyes

ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety), in a statement following the new findings, expressed their concern: “Exposure to intense and strong (LED) light is a ‘phototoxic’ phenomenon and can cause irreparable damage to retinal cells.” The agency said chronic exposure to LED high-intensity light accelerates retinal tissue aging and leads to reduced vision.


LED lamps use only one-fifth of the electricity required for an incandescent bulb, which gives an almost close level of brightness. Such bulbs are used for home lighting and street lighting. Internally illuminated devices, such as cell phones with LED screens, can disrupt biological rhythms, especially when used at night or in a dark environment, and therefore, serious disruptions may occur in sleep patterns.

The report says some LED lights can cause headaches and eye pain. ANSES also says automakers should dim their vehicle headlights because some consider them too bright.

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