Legal Battle Between Samsung and Huawei Ended

While technology giants are trying to increase their market share by entering into serious competition with their competitors by offering better products to the market, they are also fighting patent wars. Apple, Samsung and Huawei, the three biggest companies in the smartphone industry, have taken their rivalries in the stores to the courtrooms by having very serious patent struggles with each other in the past years.


According to the information conveyed by Nikkei, Samsung and Huawei, which are at the top of the smartphone market, managed to solve the legal struggle between the two companies by meeting at a common point. Since the agreement between the companies has not been disclosed to the public at the moment, we do not know whether any patent payments were made between the companies or which company paid which company.

Samsung had also finalized its legal battle with Apple last summer. The South Korean company has been severely affected by the decline in sales in the smartphone market and may want to avoid legal battles and focus on re-dominating the market in the coming period.

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