Lenovo Announces World’s First Notebook with 5G Modem

Chinese technology manufacturer Lenovo is generally able to stand out with its laptop models. Lenovo, which has produced many laptop models to date, is working on a project in the computer industry for the first time in the world. This project, carried out in partnership with Qualcomm and Lenovo, was named ‘Project Limitless’, which means unlimited projects. If the product to be produced within this project is The world’s first 5G connected laptop will be. Although the release date of this product is not clear, 2020 seems to be shaken with this laptop with 5G support. Here is the laptop that Lenovo will release in 2020, which will have 5G connection support;


This new laptop, announced by Lenovo at the Computex 2019 events, is actually very similar to other models produced by Lenovo. The laptop, which has a thin bezel, can be used as a two-in-one. The ports on the laptop are also very limited. There is a headphone jack on the right side of the laptop, and a USB-C port on the left side of the laptop, as well as a USB port. However, the laptop comes with Windows 10. The feature that distinguishes this laptop from others is its internet connection feature. The laptop, which will be used with the 7 nm Snapdragon 8cx processor manufactured by Qualcomm and the X55 5G supported modem, is a first in the world with this hardware feature.

In an environment where there is a 5G network, a direct 5G connection will be used on the laptop, and if the users’ 5G connections become weak or disconnected, the laptop will automatically switch to the 4G connection. When a 5G connection is established, the laptop’s internet speed will be 10 times stronger than a 4G connection. Making statements on the subject, Alex Katouzian, one of the Qualcomm officials, underlined that this partnership with Lenovo is of great importance for both normal and corporate customers, and stated that users will experience a new computer experience with the combination of 5G connection speed with this laptop. Stating that this laptop will be very successful in downloading large files and operations that require heavy network power, Katouzian said that the interaction of its users with the computer will change.

At the moment, information about this laptop from Lenovo is very limited. In addition to the information above, it is stated that the usage time of the computer will be 20 hours and it will work in harmony with all Windows applications. To learn all the features and price of this laptop, we need to wait for new statements from Lenovo.

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